How to prepare for an initial meeting?

Can you arrive totally focused and fully committed?

We will.

Be assured your information will be kept completely confidential. 

We want you to enjoy the experience of viewing a "Financial Road Map".

We will record what is important to you, including your goals, together with dates and resources needed.

To run an efficient meeting, the following is a list of must-brings:

  • If you are married, your spouse is an important part of the plan.  He or she has to be with you during the entire initial meeting.
  • Your current investment statements, brokerage/advisory accounts, IRA's, Roth, employer pension / retirement, including 401K, PSP, SEP, etc.
  • All bank statements, money market, credit union, and credit card statements (only if you carry balances).
  • All mortgage statements, business-interest, and debt statements (if any).
  • Last year's taxes (joint, individual, business).
  • Your annuities and insurance policies (including term, cash-value life, disability, long-term care, liability umbrella, property & casualty, etc.).
  • Your estate documents (including wills, trusts, POA, etc.).

You will bring these documents for review and evaluation ONLY.  We will not copy any of your documents, until you choose to hire us.

We will handle your documents with FINESSE.

The initial meeting is free, without obligation.